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I guess I’ll start at the beginning. I grew up in Southern New Jersey with my mom and older sister. My mom taught me to cook and bake at an early age and I fell in love instantly. She is also the one who got me in to crafting and taught me to sew. My big sister is my best friend and is always willing to help me out with all my crazy crafting and cooking adventures. She’s the best sous chef a girl could ask for!

After high school, I went to college at Syracuse University, in upstate New York. Go Orange!!! I’m a diehard SU basketball fan. I studied Entrepreneurship while there and was also in a sorority, Pi Beta Phi.

About three weeks after graduation I moved to Austin, Texas in 2002. I needed to escape the endless cold, snowy winters of Syracuse. I started culinary school to become a pastry chef about six months later.

And about a year after I arrived in Austin I started dating my future husband. We got married last October here in Austin.

Most recently we just welcomed our first child-our sweet baby boy, Samuel Milo.

I’ve been working as a pastry chef/cake decorator since graduating from culinary school in 2007. My goal is to someday be able to own and operate my very own bakery/cake shop!

by Jenn

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