Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

23 Weeks Old!

Hey y’all! Another week flew by! I swear he’s gonna be one before we know it.

Sam really is doing great. He’s such a happy baby. I love making him laugh. And all the cute little noises he makes. Even when he farts. Who woulda thought all that would be so dang cute?!

He’s officially transitioned out of his swaddle! I know I kept asking, how is the transition made? Well his swaddle was in the laundry so I put him in a sleep sack and haven’t looked back. I do have to make sure his nails are super short at all times or he’ll claw the crap out of his face though.

He’s started sleeping longer stretches at night too! He’ll wake for the last time around 10pm (sometimes it’s 8pm) and then not wake up until sometime between 6am and 9am. It’s awesome! Although now that I’m writing this I’ve probably jinxed it but that’s okay. We’re gonna mess up his sleep schedule tomorrow anyways when we leave for Idaho.

Sam’s also starting to roll over more and more. I’ve even seen him roll from front to back a few times. And he seems to be trying to crawl but can’t quite coordinate it all. He’s got his legs going but doesn’t get that he needs to push up with his arms at the same time. I give him a month and he’ll probably be crawling all over the place. I guess it’s time to childproof the house!

My aunt requested a picture of Sam with his giant teddy bear since the weekly photos on here make it hard to see how much he’s grown. I thought it’d be fun to share with y’all as well.

Look how tiny he was at a month old! He’s so big now!

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  1. Aunt Joy Collins says:

    He is absolutely adorable. LOL cute farts. Have a great trip. Have something for him to suck on when going up and down in the plane. It was possible to change a diaper on a plane, but just putting him in a good absorbant one should be fine.

  2. Aunt Joy Collins says:

    I look forward to the summer. Try to come by our house. I want to hug my grandnephew. Another travel trip is to have saline nose drops for everybody. The air on a plane is very dry. I hope grandma is having a great time.

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