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Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2011

Just wanted to stop by and wish y’all a very Happy Halloween! Later today Sam’s going to get into his Robin costume and help Batman/Daddy hand out candy to all the trick-or-treaters.

Have a great night!

Font Fanatic Friday, Vol. 22

October 28th, 2011

I’ve got a creepy font for y’all today. It’s called Bloody Stump. Isn’t that a great name?!

Download for free here.

Have a spooky weekend!


October 27th, 2011

Hey y’all! Remember that pretty scallop tote bag I showed y’all last week? Well I’ve decided to gift it to one lucky reader! It’s the perfect size for a work bag, school bag of even a small gym bag.

If you’re interested, here’s what you have to do:

-Leave me a comment (with your email address) at the bottom of this post and since it’s almost November please share with me what you’re favorite Thanksgiving food is. (Mine’s mashed potatoes by far – from scratch!)

For extra chances to win:

1. Become a follower and leave an additional comment below stating that you are now following my blog.

2. Like the Orange You Sweet Facebook fan page and leave a comment below stating that you’ve done so.

Basically y’all have the opportunity to enter the giveaway up to three times. A random number will be selected next Thursday, November 4th and the winner will be announced. Good luck!

11 Weeks

October 26th, 2011

We’re pushing three months already. That’s a quarter of a year. Slow down, time, slow down! My baby’s growing up too fast!

Week 11 marks my first week back at work. My life seems a bit chaotic at the moment. I feel like the mornings fly by and before I know it I’ve got to leave for work. I’m hoping things slow down a bit once I get the hang of working again.

Sam’s doing great. I think he’s grown even more. All of his PJs are way to short now. I guess we’ll have to upgrade him to 6M size. He’s gonna be a giant just like his daddy. (His daddy’s 6’6″.) Sam has also been smiling more and more. He’s started smiling at us when we smile at him. It melts my heart every time his eyes get all squinty, his cheeks get big and he gives me the world’s biggest smile.

I also started this diet/exercise program (just a 6-day challenge) on Monday. I’m not sure that was the wisest idea. I’m extra exhausted from working late and I’m not drinking caffeine during the six days. Is it bad that all I’m gonna want come Sunday is a big ole Dr Pepper and a burger? 😉

Today’s the first day I have to leave Sam with the next-door neighbor when I leave for work. I’m not thrilled. I don’t really like the idea of leaving him with a stranger. I honestly think it’s just because growing up I never had babysitters or went to daycare. We had family that would look after us while my parents worked. Our neighbor is a perfectly nice lady and I’m sure Sam will be fine, but I just don’t like it.

Sam went to his first pumpkin patch this past weekend for his cousin’s birthday. So of course I took loads of pictures with him by the pumpkins! He was a little cranky, however, because it was so bright out that day. Poor baby needs some baby sunglasses.

sam and pumpkins

Here’s to hoping the rest of the week goes better than my first day back at work. I can’t wait for the weekend when I get to hang with my boys all day long!

Days 24 – 26

October 26th, 2011

So far this week’s been a little crazy so I’m posting three pictures in one post today to catch up.

Day 24: Animal


I’m actually cheating on this one because I took this awesome squirrel picture a couple days ago for the 365 challenge, but I’m sharing it again.

Day 25: Something Pink

pink engagement ring fabric

This is some cute pink engagement ring fabric I’m using to make an apron for someone.

Day 26: Close-Up

william shakespeare

Meet Lil’ William. I got this little William Shakespeare figurine in my Christmas stocking a few years ago. Isn’t he cute?