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March 30th, 2011

In preparation for our upcoming baby shower (my big sis is organizing it for the end of May) we decided we should get to registering for the baby. I didn’t want to her to send out the invites with our registry info without our registries being complete. Yeah, I guess you would say I’m a bit controlling.

A couple weeks ago I convinced my lovely husband to go to Babies R Us to check out some baby stuff and get our registry set up. It was surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday morning.  (We were only there on a Tuesday morning because we both conveniently had the same day off.) We tried out some strollers and looked at car seats and Pack ‘n Plays. It was actually a lot of fun and we even scanned a few things with the scanner gun before leaving. We really just wanted to go check stuff out without actually picking things to put on the registry.

My husband made it his job to research all the various baby products we might need. He ordered the book, Baby Bargains, off Amazon and became a baby product expert!

This book has actually been really helpful. They break each product down into type and brand. And they have a sample registry in the back with all their favorite products on there. I also talked to a college friend who had a baby about a year ago and got her opinions on what products she thought were useful and necessary. Both the book and the friend were great references to get our registries started!

Stay tuned for some of the highlights of what we’ve registered for…

21 Weeks!

March 22nd, 2011

Hello y’all! This past week has been fabulous! I’ve got my energy back and I’m feeling great. I had a wonderful date with my husband on Saturday (go see Paul…it’s super cute and hilarious) and a nice Sunday morning with my sister.

I also finally got my maternity clothes I ordered from Old Navy yesterday. They were having a sale a couple weeks ago when I ordered so I was able to get six maternity shirts and a bonus pair of sandals for around $100. (The sandals have nothing to do with me being pregnant. They were just cute and I wanted them.) Everything fits perfectly and it feels great to finally have some shirts that fit me and my growing belly properly.

Little Baby Boy has been moving around like crazy the last couple weeks. Every time I feel him it’s like he’s say, “Hey Mom, how’s it going?” It makes me smile. And my husband even got to feel him kick this past week. It’s all still very light movement right now, but I know the soccer player kicks are on their way.

It looks like my belly it finally growing out past my boobs! Yay! Like I said, I’m feeling great! I really feel like I somehow scored the perfect pregnancy. (Although now writing this, I’ve probably jinxed myself.) I’ve had no morning sickness, no indigestion, no nothing horrible. Just a few headaches and I definitely got hit by the fatigue bug, but that I can handle. I hope I can just glide along for the next 20ish weeks without much problem. Then I’ll get to meet our little man and the fun will really begin!

Let the DIY Begin!

March 19th, 2011

I’m definitely one of those DIY-crazy ladies. So it was only logical to plan lots of DIY projects for our baby’s nursery. I’ve already shared my dresser redo, so let me share a few more projects with you that I’ve been working on.

I actually decided to pizazz up the dresser a bit more. Remember that cute nursery set I had my eye on? No? Here’s a refresher:

They sell decals that match this bedding and I thought they’d be the perfect thing to dress up our dresser.

Just a small hint of woodland creature! I spy a turtle, squirrel and bluebird!

Up next I decided the window needed some pizazz. I found a sheer white curtain on clearance at Target for 3 bucks and then ran out to JoAnns to find the perfect fabric for a valance. I found a cute green, leafy pattern and whipped up this delightful valance.

I wanted another way to incorporated our woodland creature theme and what better way then with a mobile! I got to work immediately using things we had lying around the house. I had a large ring (I think it might have been an embroidery ring) left over from a wedding project and some ribbon to create the structure. Then I went out to our backyard to gather sticks to create a nest. And I used the decals I’d purchased as guides when drawing my own characters for the mobile. Here’s the finished product.

And here’s a close-up of some of the animals.

I love it! And I think that it fits perfectly with our theme. And I love that it cost me nothing to make. I had all the materials on hand leftover from past projects!

The latest project I’ve completed is crib sheets. I’ve only made one set so far, but I definitely plan on making more. They were super easy to make. Thanks to Jaime over at rabit stew, I found out how easy making crib sheets could be. I found some cute material that I thought would complement the colors in the nursery and got to work. (It’s hard to see, but the sheets are light green and say baby all over them!)

Look how cute they turned out! And much cheaper then buying sheets. And this way I get to pick whatever pattern I want to!

I have at least two more DIY projects to complete in the nursery. I’ve started working on a crib bumper using some of the animals in our bedding theme and I would also like to cover the cushions on the rocker in the nursery. I know it seems like a lot but it’s keeping me busy until our cute little baby boy makes his appearance in July!


Oh and PS (this has nothing to do with the baby)…go SU!!! They’re playing Marquette tomorrow in the tournament and I need them to win. 😉


Have a great weekend!

A Place to Curl Up

March 16th, 2011

We found the baby a crib!

Thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Toucan (ala Weddingbee) over at The Toucans’ Nest, I found out a couple weeks ago that JC Penney was having an awesome crib sale! A few months back my mom and step dad graciously offered to buy our crib for us so I thought I’d check out the sale and see if there were any cribs worth having (that we’re in our price range of course).

We found the perfect crib! And well within my mom’s budget. And then she even offered to buy a mattress too! And if we had the crib and mattress shipped to our closest store then we got free shipping as well! (Sorry that’s a lot of exclamation points. I can’t help it. I’m excited!)

I got the call last Friday that our crib was in and immediately dragged my husband to the store to pick it up. That is why he has a pick-up truck, right? 😉

On Sunday morning after a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast we put the crib together. I was mostly just his assistant and official sticker remover girl. Why do they always put stickers on things that refuse to peel off neatly, especially when it’s on the exposed side of the product? It’s just silly. Thank god for Goof Off!

Go Randy, go!


Look at that proud father-to-be standing next to his handy work. The crib turned out beautifully. And it’s built to allow us to lower the mattress to three additional levels. Now baby boy has a place to curl up!

Thanks Mrs. Toucan and thanks Mom and Jim for the beautiful crib! Baby thanks you too! (And thanks to my wonderful husband for dealing with my incessant picture-taking and not killing me or my camera.)

Ooooo We’re Half Way There….

March 14th, 2011

Ooo Ooo We’re livin’ on a prayer! Take it away Bon Jovi!

Hello 20 weeks!

Let’s see, what have I been up to so far? Oh right, we found out the sex of our child today! (The pictures above are our excited faces before we went to our appointment this morning.) Are you ready for it?

I think I had it in my head that I really wanted a girl, but when the ultrasound tech said “boy” I couldn’t stop smiling. We’re having a little baby boy!

It was awesome watching our little baby boy squirm on the screen while the ultrasound was going on. They checked his head, brain, arms, fingers, legs, feet, kidneys, upper lip (for cleft palate), heart and “boy stuff”. Yep, that’s what the tech called it. Boy stuff. Ha ha. Everything looked great! Yay, one whole baby boy!

Look at that cutie pie! They were nice enough to give us a video of the ultrasound so I can watch my baby squirm now whenever I want to. I decided to create a YouTube channel for our family so that as this kid grows our family (near and far) can watch him grow up.

Here’s the belly shot for week 20:

I’m still feeling great. I’ve been busy with lots of projects and have them lined up for posts this week. We got a crib, built it, I may or may not be working on a crib bedding project and I’ve got a few other nursery decorations to share with y’all. 20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!