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Organizing My Life

January 31st, 2011

I’m what you would call uber-organized. However, as of late, I’m in dire need of some reorganizing. With the baby on the way and the wedding now past, there are lots of things laying around that crying out to be labeled and added to a list.

That’s right, I’m a list maker too. I love lists. I never would have survived my wedding without my many lists. And I always have running lists in my head with lots of tasks and projects I want to complete.

Sadly one big project that’s been tossed to the side for the last couple months has been finishing my wedding recaps on Weddingbee. I got as far as getting ready on the wedding day and then I stopped. At first it was because I got sick, then Christmas came, then New Years and the hubby’s birthday, after that really I’ve just been lazy. I haven’t had the energy. It’s a very lame excuse; I hate myself for stopping, but I’m getting back on the wagon. Promise. :)

In an attempt to stick to this organizing goal, I’m keeping a list (surprise, surprise):

1. Finish Weddingbee recaps

2. Finish decorating nursery (make curtains, purchase shelves, make chair cushion covers, make wall art)

3. Organize all crafting supplies

4. Fill out baby book

5. Open Etsy store by March 1st (complete all projects wanted for opening)

6. Take more pictures (learn how to take better photos)

7. Finish baby blanket

Ummmm…I think that’s it. And in an attempt to kick start this organizational project, I went to my friend Meg’s house today to help her organize her craft room. I know that doesn’t really sound like it’s helping my situation, but I love helping people and it’s easier to organize someone else’s stuff.

Do y’all ever have trouble staying organized? What are you tricks and how do you stay motivated?

Week 13

January 25th, 2011

Yay! Second trimester!

Check me out. Is that maybe a bump I’m sporting? Eh, probably just bloating, but I’m going with it.

And those sweet pants I’m sporting? New lounge-y pants. A definite must-have for every pregnant lady. $13 bucks at Target and worth every penny. And their definitely cuter than my normal sweatpants which my husband really dislikes.

I’m feeling great this week. My energy is back. And I’ve got lots of projects on the horizon. I can’t wait to tell y’all about them!

Baby Hunt is a peach! I can’t wait until it grows big enough to make my tummy pop!

Well Hello There!

January 21st, 2011

Look the baby’s waving! Cute right even though it sort of totally looks like an alien baby.

I went back to the doctors today to try to hear the heart beat. No dice again. They decided to send me upstairs to the ultrasound office to make sure everything was still ok. (Thank you stupid inverted uterus!)

Apparently the heartbeat was buried 3 inches deep so pretty much impossible to pick up on the doppler thingy. But the baby’s fine. And she/he is totally waving. See the hand in the hair on the left of the pic? Cute, right? I think I might be in love. And the heart rate was 164bpm. And it has two legs, two arms, two sides of the brain. One complete baby!

I just happened to be on a website about pregnancy wives’ tales and came across these two:

“Hand Position of Baby: If the ultrasound shows the baby’s hands are raised, the child is a girl; if they are down, the child is a boy. If you’re lucky though, you could just look a little south and get a glimpse of the truth while you’re looking around in there.

Heartbeat: Girls are said to have higher heartbeat rates than boys, often times closer to 140 beats per minute. Mine sure did! Maybe boys are just more relaxed in there? My girls slept a lot but when they were up they made themselves known.”

Hmmm….definitely sounds like the signs are pointing to a little girl baby! I know I still have another couple months to wait until I find out for sure at 20 weeks but I’m going with girl for right now!

I still didn’t get to hear the heartbeat but I did see it on the monitor in the ultrasound office. Hopefully my uterus will flip to a regular position soon and the heartbeat will be closer to the surface and easier to hear.

Week 12

January 20th, 2011

Yay! It’s the final week in my first trimester! That means exhaustion will end soon and I only have two more months to wait until we find out the sex of the baby! But….let me tell you about the start to my week first. :(

Monday started out ok. Very tired. Probably napped about 30 minutes after work before my husband and I headed to my work holiday (post) party. Really not much fun when you can’t have a drink or two. But that’s ok, we had some nice quiet us time and that was delightful.

Then we move on to Tuesday. So everything was going great. I was getting out of work early. I headed towards the stairs down to the parking garage and that’s when trouble hit. I got about 5 steps down when my feet flew out from under me and I slid down a few steps and slammed down on my butt. And of course there was someone coming up the steps right as that happened. And I may or may not have screamed out the word “Jesus” as a reaction to slamming down on my butt. Oh and I still had my slip-safe work shoes on. Slip-safe, my ass. Let me tell you, sitting down when I got to my car was a bit painful.

Oh yeah, then I went home and took a nice four hour nap and woke up feeling crappy. Annnnddd I slept through my Zumba class. What a freakin’ mess I’ve become!

Today was ok except for the fact that I think I must have done something to my ankle when I fell yesterday because it’s killing me now. Sweet! But on a brighter side, I have the next two days off and I will hopefully hear the baby’s heartbeat on Friday. Please cross your fingers for me.

I also owe you a picture. Here’s my week 12 shot:

Not much different than the 8 week shot I posted. But seeing as how I will soon be in the second trimester, I’m going to try to take a photo every week so I can really start to see the changed. I hope they happen soon!

So here’s to a great end of this week! And a better week next week!

Movie Review: Away We Go

January 16th, 2011

Last week I got my newest Netflix movie in the mail. I must have added Away We Go to my que months ago because I didn’t even know what it was when I first opened the mailer.

Randy and I curled up on the couch on Friday night and put the disc in the Playstation 3. This movie was surprisingly great. If I were to rate it I’d say 3 to 3 1/2 stars out of 4.

I’m definitely a fan of John Krasinski (I love me some Jim from the Office) and I always enjoyed Maya Rudolph from past seasons of SNL. This movie had seriously moments gently broken up with some pops of hilarity. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! And bonus, it was kind of cool seeing a movie about a pregnant couple when I am in fact pregnant. I know that sounds cheesy but whatever! :)

IMDB’s Synopsis:

“A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Along the way, they have misadventures and find fresh connections with an assortment of relatives and old friends who just might help them discover “home” on their own terms for the first time.”

Seriously, rent it. Watch it. Love it!