101 in 1001

Start Date: September 20, 2011

End date: June 17, 2014

Tasks Completed: 29

Tasks To Complete: 80


1. Watch the complete list of AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies(31/100)
2. Play paintball
3. Play laser tag
4. Go to Schlitterbahn
5. See a Syracuse men’s basketball game in person again
6. Watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Alamo Drafthouse
7. Watch all six Star Wars movies in succession (3/6)
8. Learn how to snowboard
9. Go to an ice hockey game
10. Go to four new sing-a-longs at the Alamo Drafthouse (0/4)
11. Go on a Duck Boat tour
12. Go to a Texas rodeo

13. Lose 20 pounds and keep it off for a year
14. Participate in at least four charity walks (0/4)
15. Exercise at least 4 times a week for 3 months straight
16. Complete the Insanity Workout
17. Participate in the Urban Assault Ride with my sister
18. Walk the dogs three times a week for a month
19. Bathe the dogs once a month for six months straight
20. Take a dance class
21. Limit my Dr Pepper intake to one per week
22. Don’t eat fast food for a month
23. Bake a Thanksgiving turkey in the oven
24. Learn how to brew beer
25. Make homemade pickles
26. Make homemade jam or preserves
27. Try five new foods (5/5) [Grits, antelope, edamame, squid ink sauce, Shishitos]
28. Organize recipes
29. Get a cookbook printed of my best desserts
30. Don’t complain for an entire week
31. Get life insurance
32. Start using reusable bags at the grocery store
33. Wear my hair down for a month straight (can only put it up to work out)
34. Get a bikini wax

35. Buy a new (used) car – something younger than 1996
36. Buy a house
37. Save up six months pay for emergency fund
38. Pay off credit cards
39. Create a budget and stick to it
40. Start cutting coupons

41. Make a light fixture with Dr Pepper bottles
42. Learn five new crafting techniques(1/5)[string art]
43. Buy a guitar
44. Re-learn how to play the guitar
45. Make my wedding photo album
46. Enter four cake competitions (1/4)
47. Organize craft supplies
48. Re-cover my desk chair (working on it right now)
49. Knit a piece of clothing
50. Learn how to take better pictures
51. Complete one year photo project of Sam
52. Have a craft/DIY project featured on another blog
53. Submit a photo for one of Pioneer Woman’s challenges
54. Build a piece of furniture from scratch
55. Complete the 365 day photo challenge
56. Convince someone to complete the 365 day photo challenge with me (I got two people!)
57. Create a book from my 365 photo challenge pictures
58. Make the USA scrap map from See Kate Sew
59. Make ten cloth diapers for Sam(6/10) [plus 12 cloth insert/soakers]
60. Make DIY Christmas cards to send to all family and friends

61. Find a job that I am truly happy going to every day
62. Write up a business plan for my future bakery
63. Open an Etsy shop
64. Make at least $100 in sales from my Etsy shop in one year’s time

65. Host a holiday dinner
66. Give Sam a brother or sister
67. Host a fondue party
68. Plant a garden that survives for more than a month
69. Plant a citrus tree (mmm…limes!)
70. Organize all the pictures on my computer
71. Write a will
72. Join Ancestry.com and trace family roots
73. Read a book to Sam everyday for a month straight
74. Make a new friend
75. Update Sam’s baby book
76. Host a game night
77. Load all music from CDs to iTunes
78. Buy an external hard drive and back up consistently

79. Go to Hawaii
80. Take my husband and son to Disney World
81. Ski in the Rocky Mountains
82. Go white water rafting
83. Visit four new states that I haven’t been to yet (0/4)
84. Visit two new national parks (0/2)
85. Organize a family reunion at Acadia National Park in Maine
86. Go to Big Bend with my sister
87. Go to a bed & breakfast for a romantic getaway with my husband
88. Camp on the beach

89. Read a book a month for an entire year – don’t count classics read for goal #90 (12/12)
90. Read ten classics (0/10)
91. Write a book review of each books I read as part of this list
92. Get at least 100 followers on this blog
93. Get 1000 followers on this blog
94. Blog four days a week for a three months straight
95. Hold ten giveaways on my blog (2/10)
96. Hold a sponsored giveaway on my blog
97. Record and post ten video tutorials for my blog(0/10)
98. Write and schedule two weeks worth of blog posts ahead of time
99. Comment on another blog at least once a day for a month straight

100. Persuade someone to make their own 101 in 1001 list (My sister made one!)
101. Complete this list

by Jenn

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